South Korean midsize companies will officially merge in 2019

Date Post: 28-03-2018 | admin

Partners of Binh Minh JSC - two medium-sized Korean carriers will officially unite !!! ...

Partner of Binh Minh JSC transport to develop!

Date Post: 26-03-2018 | Bùi Quế Sơn

Binh Minh JSC Transport Company cooperates with major shipping companies around the world to serve you. Please contact us for advice and service. ...

Privacy policy of our company

Date Post: 21-03-2018 | Admin

To access and use certain services at, you may be required to register with us for personal information (Email, Full Name, Phone Number, ...). All information must be accurate and legal. Binh Minh JSC does not take any responsibility related to the law of information disclosur ...

Binh Minh JSC transports the transportation of super-sized, super weight in the spring

Date Post: 20-03-2018 | Bùi Quế Sơn

Shipping the shipments early in the year! ...

Trucking Binh Minh JSC in the day to receive new tractor!

Date Post: 19-03-2018 | Bùi Quế Sơn

Binh Minh transport ( handover ceremony new car. ...

Intelligent transportation saves costs for customers.

Date Post: 17-03-2018 | Admin

Data is updating, ... Please contact directly! ...

Shipping Binh Minh in the early spring.

Date Post: 17-03-2018 | Admin

Spring trips bring joy to customers. ...

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