About Us Binh Minh Transport Company - BINH MINH JSC

Add: No 452 Le Thanh Tong street - Van My Ward - Ngo Quyen District - Hai Phong
Tax code :  0201332855
Chairman of the Board:  Mr. Nguyen Van Tien
Email: binhminh-jsc@vnn.vn

MS.nguyen van tien

Chairman of the Board: Mr. Nguyen Van Tien

Binh Minh Investment and Maritime Development Joint Stock Company (BINH MINH JSC), we would like to send warmest greetings and good health to all customers.  Our company now provides customs declaration services, freight forwarding and transportation (inland trucking), Sea transport  for customers from Hai Phong port to other provinces, cities, all industrial zones and vice versa. 
Company leaders have had more than 20 years experience in maritime transport sector... in maritime transport sector, together with staffs working seriously, professional. The strength of the company is the good relationship with shipping lines in Hai Phong, seaports and warehouses,... so in the case of your cargos has problems arising we can all support you most effectively, enhance your reputation with partners and minimize the maximum damage (if any) for its customers. With the criterion of customer satisfaction is the success of our company So all our staffs always support customers to complete the received / delivery procedures fastest according to customer's plan. With the number of container trucks is 30 trucks, Binh Minh JSC Always meet the demand of "transportation / trucking" of "big shipments safe" and "efficient delivery in short time". In addition, for super-weight shipments (OOG), our company will advise clients on handling, loading and unloading with the lowest cost and safest.

Products and services of transportation company Binh Minh JSC:

1. Transportation of domestic containers

2. Sea freight

3. Rail transport

4. Air freight

5 . Customs declaration

6. Quarantine, fumigation of goods

7. Entrusted import and export

8. Warehousing service

9. Goods delivery service (Forwarder)

10. Agents issue delivery orders

11. Import and distribute ISUZU tractors, DAYUN tractors

12. Import and distribute CIMC THT semi-trailers exclusively in Vietnam

Come to us as soon as possible to experience satisfaction and develop cooperation.

Thank you very much.

Chairman of the Board:  Mr. Nguyen Van Tien
Tel: +84. 904003898 

Email: binhminh-jsc@vnn.vn

Website: www.vantaibinhminh.com



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