Lach Huyen International Port, Hai Phong Vietnam - 1st phase: 15 Semiromooc

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Lach Huyen international port Hai Phong city in Vietnam

Handover ceremony phase 1: 15 Semi romooc preparation work opening on the afternoon 13/5/2018

Handover ceremony phase 1: 15 Semi romooc (General purpose trailer) cars at Lach Huyen International Port - Hai Phong

Haiphong my beloved city is busy welcoming May 13, May 13, 1955 history gives each of us the right to decide our own destiny, spend time with the waves of the sea waves of the people of the Port "eat the wind waves" has built up Hai Phong port boldly separate. We are proud of Hai Phong people but also very happy when compared with other central cities, Hai Phong has enough elements to become a large city of international stature because of the taste. The geography is very special, meeting the requirements of inland waterway transport, sea, air, rail, especially shipping.

Lach Huyen Port in Hai Phong Vietnam is the largest trading port in the North and today new routes are being formed to turn Hai Phong into a big city in the future. Lach Huyen international port handles the first phase: 15 Semiromooc to prepare for the opening on the afternoon of May 13, 2018

Many construction units in the port are urgently completed to welcome the day Hai Phong liberated.

With the exciting atmosphere of the festival of the city, Binh Minh Marine Investment and Development Joint Stock Company is always a reliable and reliable transportation partner of Hai Phong Port and domestic customers. and International with the desire to contribute a small part of their strength to build and develop the city. We have the advantage of a shipping company attaching its life to the port with the sea with the container ship with vision and strategy dedicated service is always looking forward to bring you the fastest accurate information. Haiphong port to help you have the best business development strategies. When you need a reliable, smart, fast, accurate shipping carrier, call us.

Please contact Hai Phong transportation service:

Binh Minh Marine Investment & Development JSC.
Address: 452 Le Thanh Tong, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City

Hotline: +84.904 003 898




Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the opening ceremony at Hai Phong International Container Port

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Lach Huyen International Port, Hai Phong Vietnam - 1st phase: 15 Semiromooc

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Hai Phong City, Vietnam, my beloved city is very pleased to welcome May 13, 2018 ...

Lach Huyen Port receives the first QC crane!

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