Lach Huyen port will be put into operation

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LACH HUYEN PORT - International gateway port of Hai Phong: Prepare put into operation

According to the commitment of leaders Hai Phong international container port Co.,LTD. On the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of Haiphong Liberation Day, the first two berths of international gateway port in Hai Phong (Lach Huyen Port) will be put into operation. Thus, just over a month, world class seaport officially joined the seaport system in the Haiphong city, expand connectivity transport commodity import/export via Hai Phong city to the world.

 van tai bien hai phong cang lach huyen
Items Lach Huyen berths completed expeditiously to put operators in the future.
Photo: Duy Thinh

Efforts to execute the final items

According to the commitment of leaders Hai Phong international container port Co.,LTD. (HITC)– are investors, In this moment, Contractors are working day and night to build the surface of the wharf and preparing to install lifting equipment, loading and discharging. Two wharf are gradually finishing the final items. CY container system area up to several tens of hectares is also prepared to put into use.

Hai Phong International Container Port is component B (start-up phase) Investment project of Hai Phong international gateway port. Prior to that, component A consisted of infrastructure, breakwater, dyke to protect the sand and dredge the channel to serve component B by the Maritime Project Management (Ministry of Communications and Transport) very fast deployment. On the basis of space and the conditions of the component A, Component B also deployed to speed quickly, suitable for extraction time after 2 years starting construction. With a total investment of over 6,600 billion These include the construction of a port and loading and discharging equipment, lifting on/off, HITC making more than 56 hectares of the sea of Cat Hai Island become a bustling field during nearly 2 years and here it will be a large seaport.

Company leaders confirmed, On May 12, 2018, Lach Huyen port will be put into operation in accordance with commitments with the Government, City and business partners. The investor has built the docks and built the infrastructure of the CY, At the same time invited international tender for loading and unloading equipment so that when finished will conduct infrastructure equipment installation immediately. Therefore, the investment process are matched and no problems arise. However, due to weather effects, There is a delay in the progress of the project, but the contractors quickly make up for it. Represented by Sai Gon New Port Corporation - Partners participating in the establishment HITC, this time, all difficulties were overcome and no obstacles in the process of finalizing the harbor. During the construction process, HITC receives great support from component A, Central ministries and Hai Phong city. That is the basis for the date 12-5-2018, Lach Huyen port will put into operation the first two berths, and receive ships up to 140,000 DWT with a channel depth of -12m - No port in Hai Phong has been when the average depth of the channel is only -7 m. 

 van tai bien, dich vu van chuyen hang duong bien hai phong
Lach Huyen port is being expeditiously completed - Photo: Duy Thinh


Need more channel depth

According to the plan, The depth of the access channel to Lach Huyen port will be -14m until the project is completed (September - 2019). First time, The depth of the channel reaches -12 m. However, with the desire to pick up large vessels soon, HITC recommends dredging the channel soon -14m for large ships will enter the Lach Huyen port. According to representative of Sai Gon New Port Corporation, at present, tariffs of loading and discharging service in Hai Phong compare to tariffs of loading and discharging at Lach Huyen port Initial difference of up to 30% per container. Initially, HITC expected plans tariffs cost of loading and unloading of containers of 46 USD / Unit, However, many ports in Hai Phong only collect USD 30 per unit. The solution to discount the cost of loading and discharging services is to receive large ships, using modern equipment and technology, Reduce the maximum cost to get a competitive price. Therefore, If dredging the channel reaches -14 m in the first time in operation, Lach Huyen port will receive ships up to 200,000 DWT, equivalent to nearly 20,000 Teu.
The dredging of the channel is -14m according to the demand of HITC, The General Director of the Maritime Project Management Board, Mr. Tran Anh said, The project is being implemented in accordance with the progress of contract signed with Japan. Since the implementation of the project (component A) The Vietnamese side always follows the progress of the contract from infrastructure construction, breakwater, dyke to protect the sand and dredge the channel. Consulting units closely monitor implementation. With the desire of HITC, The management board will make every effort to implement the dredging package in the shortest time. At the same time, There will be moves to ask the Japanese partner to help to bring the highest effectiveness earliest. Now, The project management unit is still implementing the construction package for the breakwater, dyke to protect the sand, complete commitment in the quarter 3-2019.

Lach Huyen port in operation will increase the total number of ports in the city of more than 40 terminals, satisfactory import / export and transportation of cargos demand north Vietnam in particular and Hai Phong city in particular. In the near future, Hai Phong Port JSC continues to invest in two terminals in Lach Huyen, some enterprises also wish to invest in this area. As planned, by 2030, Lach Huyen port will have more than 30 berths, Hai Phong has become one of the busiest and crowded seaports in Southeast Asia. 



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